Smart Dresser

Smart Dresser is an application designed to help young people with autism by making it easier to select their daily outfit. The app is designed for middle-schoolers to early high-schoolers. Smart Dresser empowers the user by helping them make their own fashion choices while also offering guidance regarding social norms. For example, the suggestions are sensitive to complementary colors and weather appropriate attire. The app provides the user with two options: they can shuffle through pre-built outfit selections or have the app construct an outfit around a specific item. The outfits are selected by an algorithm that takes into consideration the colors and styles of the various clothing items, when the outfit was last worn, the user’s favorite items, and the current weather. Smart Dresser also allows users to view and edit the items in their closet, keep track of their favorite outfits, and view their outfit history. Because some individuals on the autism spectrum are prone to sensory overload symptoms, the app uses soft color palette. Complicated menus were avoided for the sake of simplicity and intuitiveness. These features in the UI design make the app pleasing to the eye and easily navigatable.